In 1979, Shanghai KEYI Translation Services, the first translation company in Shanghai, was set up to provide services for the government, businesses and cultural organizations, particularly imported technology localization in large-scale national projects.

In 1998, Shanghai SUNRISE Technical Consulting Co., Ltd. was founded and developed as a comprehensive translation solution provider for large projects from translation, interpreting, document management, publishing to language training. In 2002, SUNRISE passed ISO9001 certification and became one of the first certified translation companies in China.

In 2003, KEYI and SUNRISE merged, taking the name SUNRISE. In 2006, SUNRISE opened its Ningbo office in Zhejiang province. In 2008, Shanghai SUNRISE Technical Consulting Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to Shanghai SUNRISE Translation Co., Ltd.

For more than 30 years we have been committed to providing high quality translation services for our clients in various industries, especially in energy, environment, metallurgy, petrochemical, and chemical industries.

We apply a network-based organization structure that consists of a stable team of linguists and experts combined with the flexibility and diversity of freelancers. This method ensures that we satisfy the most urgent and challenging translation needs.

We are:

  • Among the first members of the service committee of Chinese Translation Association (CTA).
  • Among the first members of the Chinese Translation Enterprise Cooperation Network.
  • One of the first enterprises to qualify for the National Translation Services Integrity Unit.
A member of the Foreign Investment Enterprise Association.
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