30 years of project management brings us rich experience and deep understanding in the following areas:

Energy: Our work has covered almost all types of energy such as nuclear power, thermal power, hydropower, wind power, waste-to-energy, and other renewable energy sources including solar energy, tidal energy, biomass energy, geothermal, etc. Particularly in the nuclear power industry, SUNRISE Translations is one of the few translation companies that have provided translation services for all types of nuclear power projects in China.

China Yangtze Three Gorges Hydro-Power Project

The largest comprehensive hydro-power generation project in the world (with technology and equipment from Siemens and Alstom)

QinShan Nuclear Power Station (¢ñ, ¢ò and ¢ó)

prototype reactor, pressurized water reactor and heavy water reactor

Tianwan Nuclear Power Station

China¡¯s first nuclear power project with nuclear technology imported from Russia

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Plant Phase II Project

China¡¯s first 900MW Ultra Super Critical Unit (with technology and equipment from Siemens)

Environment: Environmental protection and sustainable development are becoming the focus of governments and various organizations all over the world. We have worked a lot in environmental protection, renewable energy resources, green technology, sustainable development, habitation, HSE, etc.

Shanghai Water Environmental Comprehensive Arrangement Project

Environmental Project funded by the World Bank

Shanghai Suzhou Creek Sewage Project

Shanghai¡¯s largest water treatment project funded by the Asian Development Bank

Shanghai Jiangqiao Refuse Incineration Power Plant

The largest and most advanced waste incineration power generation project in China (Babcock)

Shanghai Laogang Domestic Waste Landfill

The biggest waste landfill center in Asia, funded by the World Bank

Metallurgy: During the decade of China¡¯s metallurgy industry upgrades, we actively participated in many newly-built and modification/expansion projects and were the translation provider for many corporations in this industry. Our service has covered all the technology, major equipment, documents, and all project phases, including translating and interpreting for tendering, technical communication, business negotiation and on-site technical support.

Baosteel Group Corporation

1800 cold (rolled) strip project, 5000 (wide) heavy plate mill and accompanied continuous casting project, stainless steel project (Nippon Steel, SMS Group, Demag, Danieli£©

Masteel (Group) Holding Co., Ltd.

Production line for wheel expanding reform project

Laiwu Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

Large H steel project

Petrochemical: Data translation and on-site interpreting in the coal and petro-chemical industry, mainly related to large-scale oil refineries, ethylene installations, chemical fertilizer, air separation, methanol, etc.

Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd.

One million ton ethylene project - one of the largest ethylene projects in China £¨technology and equipment introduced by Lyondell Chemical, Dow Chemical, and ABB LUMMUS£©

Sinopec Qingdao Refinery Chemical Co., Ltd.

Ten million ton refinery project

Government Projects: Over the past three decades, the Chinese government has invested heavily in civil construction in which we participated. In legal, commercial, financial and public service fields, we have also become the long-term translation service provider for many organizations.

World Exposition Shanghai China 2010

¡°Expo Online¡± is the first of its kind in the history of Expositions and SUNRISE became one of the service providers from the onset of its planning.

Shanghai Maglev Project

The first commercially operated Maglev line in the world contracted by ThyssenKrupp of Germany



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