SUNRISE Translations was one of the first translation companies in China. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and private organizations. We strive to provide comprehensive translation solutions for all kinds of projects including important construction projects for the State.

We provide Total Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience, accumulated knowledge and the help of professional translators, SUNRISE Translations is able to provide sustainable, reliable and high quality services. Thanks to our effective project management and network structure, we meet the highest requirements in accuracy, professionalism, promptness and versatility while providing integrated services from translation and localization to interpreting, desktop publishing, language and cross-cultural training.

We Provide Top Translation Quality

To ensure the quality and efficiency of our services, we have developed a large talent pool of professional experts, a translation database as well as a very reliable and timely control system. By continuously optimizing these key elements, we can deliver the most efficient service and the best quality, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Professional Talents - Our linguists and experts are proficient and skilled in languages and related professional expertise. Through internal assessment, feedback from clients, knowledge sharing and regular training, our linguists have grown with us, forming a stable team of professionals. All of our project managers boast many years of experience gained from dealing with large-scale projects, which enables them to cope with a variety of complex and urgent challenges.

Process Control - In 2002, SUNRISE Translations obtained the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. To ensure long-term reliability and continuous improvement in translation quality, SUNRISE monitors and controls all key steps in the process, from understanding clientsĄŻ requirements to translating, proofreading, editing and feedback collecting. Every draft is examined, proofread and edited before being finalized by experts and native speakers of the target language.

Translation Database - Over the past 30 years, our work has spanned diverse fields of industry resulting in a large number of bilingual and multilingual documents, which have been transferred into an extensive TM database with the help of CAT software. It has not only significantly enhanced translation efficiency and consistency in terminology, but has also shortened translation time and reduced costs.

We Keep Confidentiality

We always take considerable prudence and all necessary security measures in the care of our clientsĄŻ sensitive or confidential information. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with clients when requested, and even guarantee the job will only be done in our office, or other workplaces chosen by clients.
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