We provide interpreting services in more than 40 languages including on-site interpreting£¬interpreting for visitors, business negotiations, conferences and simultaneous interpreting.

Our global interpreter network can respond immediately to all kinds of needs and provides customized solutions based on clients¡¯ requirements, whether it¡¯s a half-day job or a long-term contract lasting several years, whether it¡¯s in Shanghai, other places in China or even other countries. We select local interpreters as much as possible, who are familiar with local conditions. This way, clients also benefit by receiving reduced costs, quick responses, etc.

We provide interpretation program planning. For a large/long-term project, interpretation requirements change with various characteristics, technology and equipment, in each phase of the project. Advance planning makes for more successful and cost-efficient interpreting services.

We only select the most suitable interpreters according to the requirements of each job, taking into account those who have the required language skills, professional background and experience, so as to ensure the successful completion of each task.

We also lease a full range of simultaneous interpreting equipment and other conference facilities.

Contact us for more details or a price quote

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