We provide translation and localization for

  • energy, environment, metallurgy, petrochemical industries and other areas;
  • technical information, legal and business documents, training materials, advertisements and publicity materials;
  • books proofread by experts and native linguists so as to assure the quality of the books. We have rich experience in translating magazines and books relating to energy, business management, society & culture;
  • software (including the program files, software documentation, user interface, help, etc.), web site, marketing materials, company documents and policies. The clientsĄŻ need is beyond translation in the context of economic globalization. Customs and habits of target markets, industry characteristics and clientsĄŻ pursuits are considered during our localization work.

We explore each clientĄŻs requirements for the translation, quality, editing, application, translation time, etc.; so that we can fully understand the clientĄŻs needs and communicate them to all linguists involved in the job.

We ensure consistency of professional terms and styles of expression by using all available resources such as CAT, terminology databases, translation databases, two-way communications, proofreading by native linguists, confirmation by experts, etc.

We focus on details and ensure accurate translations and professional layout.

Our services have spanned almost all fields of industry including finance, law, mechanics, chemical, automotive, electronic, semiconductors, healthcare, life science, bio-technology, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, culture, education, food and beverages, etc.

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